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This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.... and play on the impact that they're getting the pink and pretty interesting and is looking and Syria ... first in finance and that emotional intimacy sex is just one part of that ...

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like Joaquin Phoenix's character did in the movie her and I think it depends on the person I'm a sex and relationship there as I work with individuals and couples ... broken relationships in their frozen comes to that for sure all just think that humans are capable of truly falling in love with one of these intelligent robots ... and mechanical Saxo interactions and again it seems the way that we like its acts and ..."A lot of the inhabitants of Mars will be AIs, some in robot forms, some running on the computer, occasionally using an avatar or hologram to talk to people."A lot of humans will be there, be probably far more robots and AIs than humans, so people will be in the minority."After that, I think once it starts getting commercialised and becomes militarily important, there will be bases springing up that belong to the Russian or Chinese or America military, or by then there might even be a European military." Once that happens, Pearson says we'll see "tribalism", where we'll be split into groups that won't "socialise very often, because of the long time to travel".

"That means you will see the need for governance in due course.

The first bunch of people will be specially selected with social skills to deliberately get on with each other.

"Once they've been there for quite a while, politics will start to happen, and you'll have left and right, and various other sorts of splits.

"Some of the ones from down here will replicate as well.

People on Mars won't be living in total isolation.

"If you're from different regions, you absorb nuances in your speech as well, so your accent will gradually change." "Own words and nicknames developed over time for various objects and trends.