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10p a minute sex chat

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It’s certainly a point of difference with some of our European neighbours, where boobs on telly are famously used to sell virtually any product you can think of, morning, noon and night.But the single most remarkable thing about Babestation’s continued success is that it has flourished during a decade where the availability of hardcore porn has rocketed, accessible today on laptop, smartphone, tablet or any number of other internet-connected devices. You Tube-style porn sites like Red Tube, You Porn and the rest offer a constantly updating compendium of hardcore, for free.

“I’ve recently invented a show called Show Us Your Bum for Ten Pence,” the TV critic Charlie Brooker wrote in a Babestation review.With storytelling.” Not everyone who calls has to have a private conversation, because not everyone wants to.Those that don’t can instead listen in to the so-called “private” chats of others as they unfold.“Call me,” they mouth (while everyone at home can see them, only those that call can hear them).Though the girls are free to view 24 hours a day, the temperature only gets ratcheted up between 10pm and 5.30am.And it’s this interactive element that really accounts for Babestation’s success. For a price (and a maximum of 20 minutes), she can be, in inverted commas, “yours”.

Hardcore rarely offers one-to-one connection with a friendly voice.

By 9pm, the night-shift girls are ready on what passes for their “stage”, a firm mattress upon which they perch in bra and knickers, smiling with teeth and tongue.

Each is armed with a cordless telephone that they jiggle as deftly as they do their buttocks to a tinny soundtrack of constant dance music.

As such, the relatively chaste pants-on titillations over on Babestation would scarcely seem worth bothering to scroll down the remote for. Perhaps, according to its makers, because it is so low-key.

The pay-per-view porn movie business has been wiped out by the compilation clips sites. The adult business has come to realise that for all the high-budget sex scenes you can shoot on 35mm film with big-name porn stars involved in superhuman acts, what punters actually enjoy watching most are “amateur” couples — those who look like they’re having sex for fun, not money.

According to Babestation, the viewer is often married, and is perhaps seeking something on the sexual menu that isn’t offered on the prix fixe at home.