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Columbus ohio hook up chat

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like others have said, smooth casting line, holds its color... From: Comments: The reviews are bad and there's a reason for that.

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I have lost some lures on it it does cut on constant rock rubbing but it's the same issue with any other braid they all fray on constant rock rubbing.Designed for anglers who have made Seaguar fluorocarbon their leader material of choice, Seaguar Kanzen Premium Braided Line offers the perfect connection.Kanzen - Japanese for “Infinity.” Comments: I've already put a review months back and I'm still using the 20LB braid straight up with a 1/2 5/0 lead master with a 5 1/2 inch white hammer swimbait and slaying striper bass at Castaic lake still no frays as many reviews say and the stripers hit hard and no issue yet.I mean like it's good braid many of these reviews bash it and I have had no issue.I gave some to my friend he used it for catfishing and he had no issue as well.I have been fishing a spool for 2 years, and while the color has faded some, it is still very stealthy.

From: Comments: Ive been using 30 lb kanzen on a mojo inshore for around 2 years straight. Was looking to swap in some fresh line, as the spool is pretty low by now...

Wind knots are not an issue in the slightest and also this line casts like greased lightning. It broke between reel and first eye of rod on one occasion. Tried it, line was good for over a month before it began snapping on almost every hookset. I'm skeptical with braids because of all the issues I experienced with them. (I'm a momo guy and I forgot braid fishes differently than mono).

color has retained in this braid better than other braids I have used. This line, however, completely turned me back onto braided fishing! The few knots I did have came out as smoothly as they do with Fireline Crystal. I use a reverse albright to tie my leader to line and it holds wonderfully, no issues tying either.

I do use the 40lb for frogging and flipping with no tag.

The best line on the market by far, and I have fished them all.

If you put this on a spinning reel and let the drag do its job you will have no issues with this braid.