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Serial monogamy dating

Just to head off an objection that I can hear coming: It’s true that when I get into a new FB or MLTR relationship with a woman, I don’t tell them everything I’m going to be doing with them on the very first date.But I do lead them on by making them think we’re going to be A) monogamous, B) serious, or C) long-term partners.

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As time goes on and they begin to press on the commitment/marriage issue, I will begin to reveal my cards and that’s when they will either go along with what I want (if they’re betas) or we will start having explosive arguments and breaking up (if they’re needy alphas).3.(Humorously, I could pose this exact same question to the typical player/PUA/manosphere guy too.But that’s another topic.)and yes I let my ex-husband convince me (during the NRE stage) that I could actually be long-term monogamous by pure force of will. I’ve already demonstrated how modern day women know on their wedding day that the marriage won’t be forever and a divorce will be forthcoming. At this point, I do NOT want to be married ever again.Yes of course, it’s embarrassing and after enough time a woman like me just gets a reputation as being a man-eater who goes through men and your friends and family stop taking it seriously – they will make jokes about it or roll their eyes or whatever.They will probably feel sorry for the men, my parents actively pity any guy I date. Just dating around, hanging out with and/or fucking guys as you please. You know, enjoying life and putting in some numbers instead of being locked-down to just one needy guy. I would *love* to just date for six months or a year.But if the woman isn’t clear, my blame rests with her.

So again, she’s willfully deceptive with every guy except the teeny tiny percentage she thinks are non-needy Alphas (2.0s).

By the time we were actually saying “I do” I was only half-way convinced. My “plan,” if I had my way, would be to live for the rest of my life with my platonic best friends (either male or female) and have them be my source of companionship and family, while fucking new guys every few months.

Basically the Golden Girls model would be the ultimate old-lady life for me and seems way more fun than living with some old guy you can’t stand and have to listen to fart in bed every morning.

A while back, I wrote a post about how serial monogamy is, in most cases, abusive to men, since it’s usually women who initiate it and women who terminate it discordantly with the expectations of the men they’re dating.

In that post, I posed 11 questions for these man-dumpers to answer.

She starts: I’m in my late 30s and have spent my life since age 16 going from one boyfriend to the next with basically zero time in between and every man I’ve ever been with has fallen madly in love with me, so those are my credentials. monogamous relationship when she knows damn well that it will not be.