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What is circular dating rori raye

A man does not want your whole life to revlove around him.

It does not pay to be exclusive with a man that isn't exclusive with you and this means the both of you dating each other alone.People want what they can't have and when they finally get that thing they don't want to loose it.So if 10 guys are interested in a girl, she should circular date them all? Since what is applicable to you might not be applicable to the next female! If it works for you now, i guess it depends on what you want out of a relationship.I keep going through posts here about relationship issue like confusion as to where you stand in a relationship, your man is dating you and also dating others, he does not give you enough attention etc. I stumbled on a blog online at the start of the year by rori raye (google her name) a relationship counsellor which has changed my life.Loving youself means that you put yourself first and your needs first before his.You communicate your FEELINGS to him when you love urself.

Loving youself means that you put yourself first and ur needs first before his.

First of all, the most important thing that every woman needs to be happy in a relationship is self-love.

When you love yourself you give out confident vibes which is what a man picks up on. When you love yourself you do not tolerate his bad behaviour instead of dying in silence hoping he'll change.

Ladies, a man provides for you because he loves you and therefore FEELS the need to take care of you.

When u are the one paying his bills you take his masculine role away from him and that is dangerous.

When you circular dat you do not feel the need to attach yourself to one particular person. Unless you are sure that your man is exclusive to ONLY YOU then yoy shld circular date.