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Thus an officer seeking to send a message calls control. If another officer seeks to speak at the same time, the effect will be that neither officer can be properly understood by control.

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3.28: The problem of communication at Bradford, as indeed elsewhere, is that the personal radio sets are only devised for one officer to speak at a time.3.126: He (Stafford Heginbotham) was aware of litter being able to accumulate when kick boards were knocked off but he said it would have been a major task, almost a dismantling of the stand, to have removed the litter that was likely to have gone under the broken kick boards.He accepted that it should not have been there, but said that the cost would have been considerable and it would have been a major task. By irony, it was the second to last game before the timber flooring would have been replaced by concrete.Ships used gunfire merely to get close enough to the enemy for the crew to board and fight in hand-to-hand combat.By contrast, cannon with the same specifications could be loaded quickly and fired in unison, creating a deadly barrage that could pierce enemy hulls.It could fire a cannonball at close to the speed of sound - fast enough to punch through the solid oak planks of an enemy galleon 100 yards away.

Wisps of smoke emerge from the replica cannon after being fired A ballistics officer prepares to ignite the cannon The extraordinary power of the 7ft 'Elizabethan supergun' was revealed when a replica was test-fired in a disused quarry.

It may appear primitive, but this cannon marks the point when Britannia began to rule the waves.

Britain's 'first weapon of mass destruction' was discovered on a warship that sank in the Channel in 1592.

Most interestingly to historians, all were built to an identical design.

The shot recovered also had a uniform size to within a millimetre.

I’ve highlighted a few points below: Points of interest in the Popplewell Inquiry Interim Report into the Bradford City Fire: 2.8: The speed with which the fire took hold was graphically described as faster than a man could run.