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To activate Roaming on your post paid phone, visit any SMART showroom.

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Description: Customers can request a $2 credit advance from Smart.$2.50 will be repaid automatically upon your next recharge.Requirements: Credit balance of $0.03 or less and data balance of 25MB or less.The person that the Smart GO customer is communicating with is not required to have the Smart GO app and can use either a mobile phone or fixed line.Recharge your account by adding credit via the Smart GO app using regular credit upload services: i.e.Check out the weather, Boledo, lotto, jokes, horoscope, Scripture and other essential info by simply dialing 9663 (ZONE).

Just send a text message to Zone (9663) and the information will be sent to your phone as a text message.

Loan will be repaid automatically upon your next recharge. Instructions: Send a text to CALL (2255), in the body of the message type LOAN.

Description: Customers can request a 75MB data advance from Smart.

Here’s how you can add credit to your account: After you’ve purchased your prepaid card, scratch the security strip off the back of the card to reveal your PIN number.

Dial 120 the PIN number and the denomination purchased will be added to your account.

The response time will almost be as fast as our service!