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Fell walking dating

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Another wall was built by a more sophisticated culture in the Middle Bronze Age with a steep plastered escarpment leading up to mud bricks on top.After this there was a hiatus until later Iron Age material dating to around the seventh century BCE.

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(Maybe it has to do with all the on-screen kissing?Her excavations found a series of seventeen early Bronze Age walls, some of which she thought may have been destroyed by earthquakes.The last of the walls was put together in a hurry, indicating that the settlement had been destroyed by nomadic invaders.In an article in the Jerusalem Post, archaeologist Ran Barkai argued that the structure was used to create awe and inspiration to convince people into a harder way of life with the development of agriculture and social hierarchies.He concluded with, "We believe this tower was one of the mechanisms to motivate people to take part in a communal lifestyle." Other ancient walls from the tell, different from the one discussed here, were built of unbaked mud bricks set in mud mortar on a foundation of stone.The Israelites destroyed the Bronze Age wall of Jericho by walking around it with the Ark of the Covenant for seven days.

The Israelites circled the walls once per day for the first six days, then circled the walls seven times on the final day.

Other walls, such as contemporary house walls, or later, Bronze and Iron Age city walls, are only mentioned for the sake of context.

was excavated by Sir Charles Warren in 1868 at the request of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

Archaeologists Ran Barkai and Roy Liran used computers to reconstruct sunsets and recently found that when the Tower of Jericho was built, nearby mountains cast a shadow on it as the sun set on the longest day of the year.

The shadow fell exactly on the structure and then spread out to cover the entire village of Jericho.

The Israelites under Joshua's command blew trumpets of rams' horns and shouted to make the walls fall down (Joshua -15).