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Said her laptop died and asked me to purchase her a new one as all her documents regarding ship were in the cloud.Sent me a check made out to her for $43,870 to hold until she returned.

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To make the story short then we spoke together 1 time every week until spring the next year and then I had become tired of the corropondance since she never answer my question and felt like she was hiding something.She uploaded a photo of her self and the flowers on with my flowers View scammer's photos Name: Eugenia Mikheeva Aka: unknown Age: 35 Location: Tryokhgormy, Russia Address: apartment 7, 38, Ostrovosky street, Tryokhgormy , Chelyabinsk Region Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: unknown On web sites: yandex Report: she contacted me , wanted to know about me , i gave her my phone no , so she could call me After several message she stopped View scammer's photos Name: Elena Edokimenko Aka: Jessica Brown Age: 25 Location: Novoaltaysk, Russia Address: Novoaltaysk, Beloyarskiy perculok 2-6, 65804 Phone: unknown Email: [email protected]: unknown On web sites: unknown Report: The photographs she send me match your picture on file as Jessica Brown, I first received an email from her claiming to have seen my profile posted on a dating site.I have received four letters from her so far and they match in most details the letters from Sam in your files.Do you know how difficult this color is to maintain?Within two weeks there's more bright sienna on my towels than on my head, and the whole effect is muted considerably.We corresponded for 4 months and I sent $AUS10,000 via the USA to cover her visa and flights to Australia.

As the date of her arrival approached she became more vague and even asked me to send more money to enable her to legitimately register and sell the gold that was bequeathed her.

I informed anastasiadate about this and she was removed.

( and for the first time ever they actual give me back my money that I can use on the website ;-( ) I then send lyubov som flowers since I found out where she work as a singing teacher including a note with flowers and a letter translated by a professional...

Name: Michelle Hernandez Aka: Deborah Age: 45 Location: Hendersonville, TN/Woodbury, TN/Nigeria Address: unknown Phone: 347-353-1977 Email: unknown Skype: unknown On web sites:, Zoosk Report: Met her on; she contacted me.

Said she lived in TN, but had a business selling fabric and was in Nigeria checking on shipment that had been held there.

I've always felt like a redhead, though I certainly wasn't born one.