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Buildings that are as solid now as when they were built in the time of the Kaiser are still structurally sound. But until there is more infrastructure around here, what will they do with them?He first came here in its Soviet heyday to compete against Russian soldiers in volleyball and pistol shooting competitions Theatre: What the Russians didn't have at Wünsdorf they imported, including culture.That meant the Bolshoi Ballet and actors who performed for the politburo in the Kremlin travelled to this theatre, where the seats are still marked with Cyrillic writing Gatekeeper: Naumann (pictured), told Mail Online: 'It's such a shame that this place was never used after the change.Not really going to be a long post or anything and honestly it's not all that exciting but after experiencing sexual trauma and avoiding any kind of physical contact for months on end and beginning to wonder if ild ever have sex again (even though I DID/DO want to) I finally had sex with my new boyfriend twice in one night!I know that's not super big news or anything but I really just wanted to share that with anybody who reads this because I'm so proud of my damn self for finally feeling sexually OKAY in my own body again and in control of my right to choose to have sex.Haunting: The Wünsdorf army base was once home to 50,000 soldiers and was the biggest Soviet army headquarters outside of Russia.

It has fallen into disrepair since the last troops left in August 1994 and has been put on sale for around £3million Former glory: The sprawling Wünsdorf had its own swimming pool (pictured), theatre, casino, bakery and even a railway line direct to the Russian capital, Moscow.

The secret Soviet base served two German Kaisers before it became the epicentre of Nazi armed might Today, it has been left under the watchful eye of Juergen Naumann, who came here in its Soviet heyday to compete against Russian soldiers in volleyball and pistol shooting competitions.

He is the watchman and gatekeeper that patrols its lonely halls, with only one forgotten figure to keep him company.

It was upon the same sports field that many in the officer corps of the Nazi Wehrmacht trained before they were unleashed upon Soviet Russia in June 1941 - the start of the campaign which, four years later, would bring new tenants to Wünsdorf, who would end up staying for nearly 50 years.'There was a fantastic diorama of the Battle of Berlin built in a special circular building.

It was a magnificent 180 degree work of art and beneath it were the helmets, bayonets and weapons that were used in the taking of the city in 1945.

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