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I’m in my mid-thirties, and have a fairly successful technical career — I have a good reputation for dependable work, common sense, and seeing connections that people miss.Every year, in my performance evaluations, I’m asked how I want to move ahead: my manager sees potential in me, and keeps encouraging me to move up a ladder into leadership positions. I am happy with what I’m doing now, and the leadership roles all seem to come with an enormous amount of stress.

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or a picture of your favorite tea or coffee cup ... If the picture is of a place, it would be great to know where the picture was taken. What I'm hoping is that together we can develop a free online resource for work from home bookkeepers ... For this section only, I will allow you to contribute one non-affiliate link to the online resource you are recommending.I love my current work and want to focus on getting better and better at it.Is that something that you can see working well here?The second is whether you want to keep learning and improving within your current role.Having someone stick around for years and just stagnate — not learn new things or seek out improvements to how they do their job — isn’t an appealing prospect.How did this couple of part-time and nonprofit employment swing a 2 million dollar mortgage?

How did the President and First Lady without known sources of income capable of accruing millions become millionaires?

[NOTE: As noted in the Comments, the President’s salary is $ 400,000 a year, not $ 200,000.

Let me start this off by sharing some of my favorite bookkeeping resources with you.

which are most likely completely different from your dreams :0)I like to check The Wealthy Boomer blog by The National Post's Jonathan Chevreau at .

I would like to buy his book Findependence Day to add to my bookkeeping resources ... Currently trying to read The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy -How To Save Yourself and Your Country by Peter Schiff ...

How did they translate comfortable incomes into black ink on an assets sheet?