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Granny sex hook up

Granny sex hook up-7

Reason #3: Cougars don’t say “no” to any of that dirty shit in the back of your mind.What do cougars, fatties, and butterfaces all have in common?

Cougar/cub hookups are a signal of how our society is “progressing.” The mainstream media tells us that these women are ‘empowered.’ I have found that in general, they are mostly bitter because their husbands either left them or lost attraction for them, or they felt ‘unhappy’ in their marriages and left.If liquor nor birth control existed, they would all have an extremely difficult time getting a man to shoot their load inside them.Because you would not want your bastard kid to be fat, ugly, or have some birth defect from being born to 40 year old on the brink of menopause.I was on a nude sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years ago and we were anchored in White Bay.It was after dinner, we’d had a bottle of wine or four, and decided we wanted to go to the bar ashore for a drink – but of course we didn’t want to get dressed. Into the dighy we climbed, motored off to the bar (not the Soggy Dollar, the other one) and in we walked.I was surprised at his willingness to stick with the cougar since he was tall, in shape, good looking, and not socially awkward; he could easily have hooked up with a hotter girl.

According to his friend, he ‘does this all the time’ because he likes to be able to be the ‘dominant one.’ This makes sense in a weird way; a beta male can act to ‘cougars’ like he is god’s gift to women, and not put up with any of her shit, whereas he puts the truly hot 20 year old’s pussy on a pedestal and loses his mojo.

A recent trip to the shadiest of the shady bars in my home city of Chicago included a run in with far to many 40 over the hill women out to get straight LAID (sidenote: why is it that if 40 year old men were in these joints, they would quickly be shamed as ‘creepy’? As much as Laid NYC wishes that eligible men would stop giving cougars the time of day, it doesn’t seem like it will happen.

Thirsty, drunken betas line up at the troth looking for easy, slutty cougar sex because they don’t have the balls to go after an actual hot girl their own age or younger like they should.

We spent almost two hours in the bar and had a grand time.

Eventually most of the other patrons left, the bartender got naked, and even the waitress took off her top.

Maybe their parts arent as perky or tight as a 20 year old, but it’s a fun time for a night at least.