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Punk and anarchist dating sites

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It works by taking the alphabet and then counting down each letter based on a designated number (say, replacing letters with ones three letters down the alphabet).

A further 9.6 percent ended up with the Haitian government.Eberwein was due to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.He had served as director general of the Haitian government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.It contained a message written in a thin white font against a black background. "We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through.Good luck." It was signed "3301."For all Marcus knew, it could have been another dumb 4chan prank. With the exception of the Rubik's Cube, which he could solve in under a minute, puzzles were dull. Someone on 4chan had created an Internet Relay Chat channel where people were logging in to discuss the bizarre message.The remaining 89.8 percent – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

“The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.

Running a text--editing program called Notepad, he opened the image and, sure enough, saw a strange string of words and garbage characters at the end: "TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says 'lxxt Tekk harrumphed with satisfaction.

Caesar, he knew, was one of the most ancient forms of encryption, dating back to Julius Caesar, who used the cipher to safeguard military secrets.

But his life took an unexpected turn that day when a friend in robotics lab showed him a mysterious image he'd seen on 4chan.

"Dude, you can't be on 4chan on school computers – that's not wise! "That's like the chamber pot of the Internet."But the challenge to find what was hidden in this picture intrigued him. Someone on the IRC had heard rumors that terrorist groups encrypt secret notes in image files, ones that could be retrieved by opening the file in a different format.

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