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Mughal emperors Akbar and later Shah Jehan (1592–1666) bestowed the administrative pargana of Sarwat on Muslim Sayyid families.

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Timur had marched through Saharanpur region in 1399 to sack Delhi and people of the region fought his army unsuccessfully.Taking advantage of this anarchy, the Rohillas took control of the entire trans-Gangetic region.Ahmad Shah Durrani, the Afghan ruler who invaded Northwestern and Northern India in 1750's, conferred the territory of Saharanpur as Jagir on Rohilla chief Najaf Khan, who assumed the title of Nawab Najeeb-ud-Daula and took up residence in Saharanpur in 1754,.Saharanpur was a walled city, with four gates: the Sarai Gate, the Mali Gate, the Buria Gate and the Lakhi Gate.The city was divided into the neighbourhoods os Nakhasa Bazar, Shah Behlol, Rani Bazar and Lakhi Gate.A weakened Sultanate was later conquered by the Central Asian Mogul king Babur (1483–1531).

During the Mughal period, Akbar (1542–1605), Saharanpur became an administrative unit under the Province of Delhi.

Akbar bestowed the feudal jagir of Saharanpur to the Mughal treasurer, Sah Ranveer Singh, an Agrawal Jain who laid the foundations of the present day city on the site of an army cantonment.

The nearest settlements at that time were Shekhpura and Malhipur.

A variety of industrial enterprises are located here including textiles, sugar, paper and cigarette factories.

It is about 550 km from the capital city Lucknow, It is 164 km from National Capital of India Delhi whereas It is 70 km away from the Capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun.

Thus the Rohillas and the Gurjars now controlled Saharanpur.