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The first episode's guest was Paul Newman (Alec Baldwin was the first guest, but his interview was broadcast after Newman's).

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Since its premiere, Inside the Actors Studio has had over 200 guests, with Lipton himself being the 200th.​The tools below can help provide additional support for the pediatric medical home to identify and more effectively care for children and adol​​​escents who have been exposed to violence.This list does not include all tools but rather ones that relate most.For its 200th show, Lipton became the guest subject of the show.He was questioned by Dave Chappelle, whom he picked personally.Child Stress Disorders Checklist (CSDC)​National Child Traumatic Stress Network​This checklist, developed by Dr. Saxe, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, is used to identify stress disorders as a result of traumatic stress.

Online courses provide key info on bullying, dating violence Two interactive distance-learning courses, Bullying 101 and Teen Dating Violence 101, provide key information about bullying, cyber bullying, and dating violence and explain how to create safe, healthy environments and relationships.

In his review of the program, The Sunday Times critic A. Gill wrote: "The format is simple and idiotically inspired.

The Actors Studio is the New York drama school made famous by Stanislavsky and his method (although the series is now filmed elsewhere).

These shows are thinly set-up masterclasses for students.

The cleverness is in the vanity it allows the guests, who are the very greatest and most self-regarding performers and creators of theatre and film.

On one such occasion, Billy Crystal told Lipton, "You know you're scary, don't you?