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Astropower liquidating trust

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After the commencement of the case, the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (the "Committee") investigated a downstream capital contribution of $500 million made by WMI to WMB shortly before the seizure of WMB by the OTS (the "September 2008 Downstream").

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A declaratory judgment action to determine insurance coverage on a pre-petition state law contract does not involve the bankruptcy petition itself or any steps or sub-action within the bankruptcy case and therefore is not a case under title 11, a proceeding arising under title 11, or a proceeding arising in a case under title 11. The Trust concedes that under the "mere possibility of a gain or loss of trust assets" is not sufficient to confer post-confirmation bankruptcy jurisdiction over related matters. "[S]tate courts are qualified to interpret the language of bankruptcy plans and orders and routinely engage in such interpretation." , 393 B. The Trustees were permitted to refile the Complaint as to the fraudulent conveyances (counts 1-6) and counts 15 (breach of fiduciary duties) and 16 (unjust enrichment). With regard to alleged fraudulent transfers, the Court cited , 335 B. ) filed counts, set forth in the Complaint, against the Individual Defendants alleging theories including fraudulent conveyances, personal guaranty, breach of fiduciary duties, unjust enrichment and breach of contract concerning the DBSI enterprise’s business activities and specifically, those activities relating to DBSI’s investment in technology companies. The Complaint failed to identify any transfers made to the Individual Defendants or for their benefit to sufficiently plead fraudulent transfer actions. With regard to the alleged breach of the personal guaranty (count 14), the Court reviewed the language set forth in the guaranty and determined that it covered claims made on or prior to December 31, 2008 and expired without any claims having been made during the duration. With regard to an alleged breach of fiduciary duty (count 15) and unjust enrichment (count 16), the Court concluded that the Trustees failed to provide any specific allegations.The Complaint alleges that the investments were structured as loans from Stellar Technologies LLC (“”) and that these unproductive investments benefitted only the DBSI insiders by way of tax advantages that otherwise would have belonged to the DBSI companies. Finally, the Court dismissed count 17 (breach of operating agreement) with prejudice based on the language of the operating agreement that precluded Arnold or Jensen from being deemed delinquent. "After confirmation of a chapter 11 plan, however, the scope of the bankruptcy court's `related to' jurisdiction diminishes." , 335 B. In the case at bar, the Plan called for approximately $7 billion to be distributed to creditors and shareholders. In the denial of coverage letter, the Defendants state that they may deny coverage based on an "Insured v. The Trust notes that the Confirmation Order provided that "the Creditors' Committee was authorized to prosecute claims or causes of action .

Therefore, the Court concludes that it has, at most, "related to" jurisdiction over those counts. The Defendants reply that the mere possibility of additional recovery to augment the assets of the Trust is insufficient standing alone to establish the required "close nexus." , 372 F.3d at 170 ("[T]he potential to increase the assets of the Litigation Trust and its beneficiaries does not necessarily create a close nexus sufficient to confer `related to' bankruptcy court jurisdiction post-confirmation."); , 437 B. at 166 (finding that "the potential to increase recovery for creditors" is "insufficient to establish a close nexus"). 2011) ("[P]ostconfirmation subject matter jurisdiction will always exist when a bankruptcy court is called upon to interpret its prior orders.").

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The Trustees alleged that the transfers were loans. 2005) to require that the Complaint must set forth facts with sufficient particularity to apprise the defendants fairly of the charges made against them so that they can prepare an adequate answer.

The Individual Defendants moved to dismiss the Complaint as failing to adequately plead any of the causes of action against them. Discussion: The Court dismissed each of the causes of action against the Individual Defendants. The Plaintiff, through the Complaint, must identify one of the following four factors: 1) the date of the transfer, the amount of the transfer, the name of the transferor, and the name of the transferee.

WMI is a bank holding company that formerly owned Washington Mutual Bank ("WMB"). 9759.) On March 15, 2012, the Trust filed a Complaint against the issuers of the 2008-09 Policies (the "Defendants") for (1) breach of contract, (2) tortious breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing, (3) a declaratory judgment that the Defendants are not subrogated to the indemnity claims of the D&Os, and (4) equitable subordination of any subrogated claims the Defendants may have.