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Updating a video card

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This will help our support team specialists solve your problem quicker.Maybe there are statistics, maybe there aren’t, but we’re willing to bet that in the computer enthusiast space, the most-upgraded part of any self-respecting system is the graphics card.

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(Fully updated windows 10 today since it didn't seem to work before?If you encounter an error message asking you to update your graphics drivers, you will need to download a new driver from your graphics card manufacturer's website and install it on your system.Some graphics card drivers also have a useful utility that notifies you when a driver update is available and updates the driver automatically. At the top of the window, your graphics card model will be listed under the Adapter Type section.The latest graphics driver is recommended for optimal performance.To update a dedicated video card driver: Go to that manufacturer's website and locate the most recent driver to install.How can I find out what Graphics Controller or Video Card is in my computer and if it will work with Chief Architect products?

The latest versions of Chief Architect products work with dedicated video cards such as NVIDIA or AMD that are currently supported by the manufacturer, and with 4th generation or newer Intel Integrated Graphics Controllers, typically Intel HD Graphics 4200, 510 and higher.

There are few feelings worse than that sense of desolate jealousy you get when you drop a brand-new video card into your system only to read—usually the very next day—an announcement of a newer, better card.

Not long ago, we presented you with a big batch of hints for when the inevitable time comes that you have to swap out your computer’s motherboard.

To update your Intel integrated video driver: Click on your graphics controller from the Intel Driver page Intel Driver Page to install the latest driver.

If your computer's manufacturer doesn't have a newer driver available for download, you may be able to manually download and install a driver from Intel directly.

Tried that too but they still don't work and my screen is still stuck at 800x600. Sometimes, Windows Update will incorrectly update the onboard/integrated graphics card and enable it while disabling the separate stand-alone card.