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Speed dating manila june 2016

It usually takes them days to post the items into my account. lol) the foundation alone via air cargo and the shipping cost was nearly the same as my brother’s shoes.

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But if I were to choose air cargo for all of them it would’ve cost me Php8000 more or less.) Anyway, my mom and I decided to just have them all shipped via sea cargo since we weren’t really in a hurry. Note: I was expecting the ELF box to be included but they still removed it. You measured the boxes so it’s only fair you send me my stuff with the original packaging!The local Audi and Volkswagen dealerships are big enough, and glossy enough, to remind me of the steel-and-glass monolith that is the Munich airport. Well, Costa Smeralda is stunningly beautiful – in places – and the area enjoys the sunny weather one might expect of a Mediterranean beach resort, nearly year-round.Italians must come here in droves too, though, as Olbia’s surprisingly murky harbor is usually jammed with cruise ships, and enormous car ferries, which daily disgorge day-trippers, exotic sports and luxury cars, and holiday caravans. The area designated as Costa Smeralda – by essentially a very large homeowners association – occupies the northeast corner of Sardinia.If those still exist, it was hard to see them for all the yachts.“Billionaires” is an interesting choice of word; a euphemism, perhaps, to explain all the new money being thrown around here these days.Just in case they won’t, just ask a Bill of Lading from LBC which I am sure they will be able to provide.

COSTA SMERALDA, Sardinia The menu at La Piazza restaurant here is in three languages: Italian, English and Russian.

I have always wanted to purchase from different makeup sites in the US but I was pretty hesitant because either they have very high rates for international shipping or they don’t ship internationally at all.

After further research, I chose to go with LBC Shipping Cart because they consolidate.

Shipping cart sends you an email like the one below once they have received your items. I was shocked because I read their Prohibited items list and there were no mention of perfumes. I also asked them to include the perfume with the foundation since they came together. It took them 4 days to change the status of the perfume but they still didn’t put the perfume and foundation together.

From my experience their email usually arrives ~2 hours AFTER the email from the courier or website. All of my stuff were in my account then: I’ve got 2 issues at this point. This particular perfume isn’t in a pressurized container so I didn’t understand the restriction. Curious I tried to check out (or should I say ship out?

Apparently, the person in charge of their twitter account has no idea too. ELF also released new stuff, restocked some items I was planning to buy and had a free Smokey Eye kit for orders above $35 so I decided to wait til February 1.