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The matches were great, but the interesting part of all of this experiment turned out to be the conversations that he had with the girls he matched with.“…I can literally say ANYTHING and still get their #.”Here are those conversations: can be an incredibly powerful seduction tool, even if you’re not a model.Our Client Needs Analysis and subsequent marketing recommendations are based on one of the leading marketing books of all time: “Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind” by Jack Trout and Al Ries.It is the first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public.Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s mind — one that reflects a company’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors.Our goal is to help you create a “Unique Competitive Advantage” that is sustainable.actually has almost nothing to do with a guy’s behavior, and is instead a function of his facial aesthetics.” said supersystem3.

He used openers that would destroy the chances of a normal guy… Witnessing how easy it was for the model motivated a few of the readers: But there were a lot more readers who felt discouraged by it all:“I think I have given up all hope with women srs” – Freuddcoco There’s no doubt that all things being equal, a male model will get better results than most guys on Tinder. But this experiment by German Lifter might also show that the difference is bigger than most would believe.

in fact, apparently most women seemed to respond positively to it. Do you resign yourself to a life of loneliness, accepting that it’s only the really attractive guys who get the girls? Know that there are that allow any guy to hook-up and date attractive women on Tinder.

It’s a prime example of how attractive people are treated differently. So if you’re an average guy who’s on Tinder and what you’ve been doing in the past hasn’t worked, it’s probably time to try a new approach.

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It's like girls throw themselves at you at clubs, schools, bars, classes, etc, just to experience something "different", "exotic" and "exciting". Op I hope that you have an air ticket ready at any time to take off,because if any local triads or crazy men get wind of this,you will be tracked down and elimintaed,trust me,if you insult Chinese women,you insult China I hope your IP is hidden you're a fucking bastard! Maybe you're not getting enough action and are just jealous that what I say is true. No matter what you say, it doesn't change the facts on the ground. If you want to get back at me maybe you can go create a topic on why it's so easy for Chinese locals to sleep with American woman in the U. Again, Archangel, you seem to understand English, so please demonstrate that by contributing to the topic at hand rather than hurling insults every which way. 谢谢! 我爱中国!北京欢迎你! OP, let me try to give you a mathematic point of view. Given you're from the US, the population of our Chinese girls are 5 times more than that of your country, which means, if you can get laid with one girl each week in the US, then you can get 5 in China. I've gotten quite big-headed since arriving in China. I've had a couple of pm's about it, but they thought I might be Chuck Bronson (R. GET A LIFE,if you have any respect for women you can't say Chinese girls are easy to..."you know" or maybe you're a male slut.