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On or after the 1st April you can apply to have the taxation class of your vehicle changed to ‘Historic’ and apply for NIL tax. Was the car made in January 1975, shipped to the dealer and registered all during the month of January?Or was it built in 1974, ordered and shipped to the dealer in the new year and registered in January 1975? If the former is true then our car wouldn’t qualify until 2016 because it misses the 1/1/75 build cut-off date; if the latter was true it would qualify in 2015.

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According to the DVLA, on application your V5c must show a date of first registration 40 years prior to the 1st January in the qualifying year.Prior to 1997 a rolling Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) exemption applied to qualifying older vehicles which were, as of 1st January of each year, 25 years old.However in 1997 the rolling exemption was frozen in an unpopular move by the then Labour government.In the table I have carefully avoided referencing registration suffixes because the legislation is based on date of manufacture not on the date of first registration.To further complicate matters, the V5C (logbook) does not detail the car's date of manufacture, only the date of first registration.There are a whole host of reasons why registration could have been delayed.

For example a car could have been diverted through rectification to have various faults fixed.

DVLA will send you a V11 reminder as normal approximately 2 weeks before the tax is due to expire.

You can then apply online or at the post office as normal or declare SORN if the vehicle is off the road.

If the car was first registered within the first week of a new year (1st – 7th January inclusive) then a car qualifies automatically by concession as the car was very likely made in the previous year.

In effect the build date cut-off is extended by one week so our table above becomes But what if your car was registered after 8th January?

Initially you need to change the tax classification of your vehicle from Private/Light Goods (PLG) to Historic.