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To limit the list, we looked at companies founded in the last five years and narrowed it down to companies with a San Francisco headquarters — that excluded Palo Alto-, Mountain View-, and San Jose-based ventures.

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They smashed up makeshift huts, ripped down tarpaulin and plastic sheeting being used as tents, and rounded up around 180 Roma, including 50 young children and babies.Police, council and medical staff have now cleared the garage site, offering housing to about half of its inhabitants, while the rest have been repatriated.Builders have bricked up the entrance to the garage to prevent any more encampments being established.For Ljupco, his wife and five children, this will come to 1,100 euros (£865) when their time comes. The intensity of the French campaign to move on Roma gypsies is deterring many from continuing to live in France.There is no such campaign in Britain, which makes it an attractive alternative.‘My wife and I have talked about going to the United Kingdom,’ says Ljupco. We have heard stories of people who have gone there.In total, nearly 1,000 Roma have been deported following at least six raids in recent weeks.

The exact figures are hard to establish because the French authorities are not allowed to define those they have ejected as ‘Roma’, because this would suggest that their actions are potentially racist and therefore illegal under EU law.

Amid discussions about blood in the water and the impending doom and gloom of the startup ecosystem, there's plenty of great startups out there still poised to change the world.

Business Insider talked to industry insiders, venture capitalists, and startup founders and looked at some fundraising data from Pitch Book and CB Insights to derive this list of startups to watch in 2016.

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Lamiita, 24, was among those repatriated during a series of dawn raids in Lyon.