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What should be a meaningful reunion for Chief – a chance to again fight alongside the few who truly understand him – feels like business as usual, except with three extra guns behind his back due to lack of context.343 has released an animated Fall of Reach series alongside Halo 5 that explains the origins of Blue Team, but it’s only included with pricey special editions.

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After a battle, I’d wander around Halo 5’s diverse locations looking for the thoroughly hidden skulls and realize I hadn’t even seen whole other rooms, hidden pathways, weapons, vehicles, and more.

Make no mistake: though Spartan Jameson Locke and Master Chief share the cover of Halo 5, Locke is the main character.

You play as him, leading Fireteam Osiris, in 80% of the campaign’s 15 missions, but he doesn’t have the charisma needed to fill that role.

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Developer 343 Industries has engineered the strongest combat Halo has ever seen, with tons of excellent weapons, varied maps, an expansive and intense new multiplayer mode joining a host of returning greats, and some game-changing new mobility.

He falls into the same trap that ensnares many similar military-type main characters: Locke doesn’t really want anything for himself; he just wants to complete the mission that someone else gave him.