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Wale dating tiara thomas

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He propped his Yeezy Boost 350s on the arm of the couch as his laptop played Monday Night Raw on mute. I want you guys to feel like, “I always want to play SHINE when I’m going or out or coming from the club or going through a breakup or when I’m talking ‘bout who’s the nicest rapper.” I might fall short.

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In the center of the scrum was Wale, his dreadlocks shaking free of his forest green dad hat and smacking against the shoulders of his vintage nylon Hulk Hogan jacket. I always tell the story of how I first met the nigga. I want to tell a story and it’s going to come out on SHINE and you have to hear S. Do you at least get the fake, “Congratulations” text? the way you did, does whoever you’re actually dating hear the tape and give you grief about the pregnancy talk? There's an interesting mix of people in here right now. I’m not in the streets and I’m not trying to be in the streets in that way. Everyone but Drake and like a couple of other guys would love to do that. It’s like if I was a horny nigga and that’s me jacking off on haters. You have to understand, I go to the studio and try to produce shit that’s better than Dr. Brad, I just learned how to produce and I’m sitting in here yelling, “What’s Dre’s best joint? I know I’ll never be able to sing like Mike, but I’m still using that as my bar. I get calls from Wayne Perry and President Obama’s office in the same week. I pray for all the families that he touched [in a negative way]. Considering what SHINE stands for, why are you still so talkative to losers on social media that are trolling you? Some days I wake up and I just sit and think, “Oh, this is what they’re going to hold against me? Is that something that has actually happened recently?

is a women leaving an “I’m pregnant” voicemail to you.

[Last year] we shot “MMG Under God” in The Gardens in South West, per [infamous D. I respond to niggas on Twitter because I’ve always had a problem with niggas talking shit to me. I’ve got double platinum songs and some gold albums. ” In this era, we don’t have that many Jay Zs and Nases. When did it become a sport to poke at the nigga that feels the most? SHINE is, “Fuck all that.” You’re going to know how nice I am.

C.-area drug dealer and alleged killer] Wayne [“Silk”] Perry’s request. But he hit me three or fours years ago and we stay in touch. Niggas on my team done changed my password and I’ll figure it out. The argument for you to chill is that your career is way too good for you to be tweeting to vibe-killers or talking about things you don’t have yet. I’m here writing a message about a Jesus piece chain from a first-person perspective and y’all aren’t going to celebrate that? I know for a fact that when they heard “Golden Salvation” that they both thought, “Oh, my nigga Wale fucked that joint up.” Niggas probably are going to hate when I say that and go, “Yeah, right. That’s 70 percent of the heavy lifting right there. [But I see] that how I respond socially is going to be my achilles heel. Or my Bo Jackson hip — the fact that I overtly care.

Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi popped in for a quick visit and played songs off his cracked i Phone. It’s me talking to a girl that’s like a little sister and she’s about to shine on everybody. Later a friend of mine was talking to me and said that I’m different because I “have the street, suburban folks, but you’re very cultured and articulate. Only because I feel like I have to involve other people.

“This next joint is for all the niggas that said we can’t rap,” Jxmmi said. We ain’t got nothing to prove on the numbers front.” Lil Wayne was across the hall, hunched over the production console quietly searching for ways to attack the track looping through the speakers; he eventually released his focus and chatted with Wale for a moment. That only happens every blue moon.” So I decided to call it that. I’ve got two major-label offers now for my imprint. I think that the farther I go into this boss life, the more I lose myself. The last time we talked on record, you were about to drop The Album About Nothing and you revealed that were self-medicating and depressed about issues ranging from family turmoil to perceived professional plateauing.

Bossip also got the scoop on her controversial new song "One Night."VISIT OUR SITE: Ri Breakout R&B star Tiara Thomas gives Bossip the low down on her new album "The Bad Influence," and talks about the writing process and success of her hit "Bad." She addresses her alleged feud with Wale, and tells us which rappers she'd have one night stands with.