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Dating christ

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* [2:1–2] Although universal registrations of Roman citizens are attested in 28 B. At that time, a provincial census of Judea was taken up. Lord is the most frequently used title for Jesus in Luke and Acts.

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* [] : Mary herself will not be untouched by the various reactions to the role of Jesus (Lk ). The concept of a presentation at the temple is probably derived from 1 Sm –28, where Hannah offers the child Samuel for sanctuary services. The law further stipulated (Nm –48) that the firstborn son should be redeemed by the parents through their payment of five shekels to a member of a priestly family. * [] : Simeon here and later Anna who speak about the child to all who were awaiting the redemption of Jerusalem represent the hopes and expectations of faithful and devout Jews who at this time were looking forward to the restoration of God’s rule in Israel. According to Greek inscriptions, Augustus was regarded in the Roman Empire as “savior” and “god,” and he was credited with establishing a time of peace, the pax Augusta, throughout the Roman world during his long reign. When used of Jesus it points to his transcendence and dominion over humanity. It presents Jesus in the role of the faithful Jewish boy, raised in the traditions of Israel, and fulfilling all that the law requires.

With this episode, the infancy narrative ends just as it began, in the setting of the Jerusalem temple.

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In this respect, they are described in a fashion similar to the parents of John (Lk 1:6) and Simeon (Lk ) and Anna (Lk –37).

* [] must refer to Mary and Joseph, even though the Mosaic law never mentions the purification of the husband.

* [] : the peace that results from the Christ event is for those whom God has favored with his grace.