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Bangalore hookup

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Summers bring shortages, even for those served by the city’s plumbing.

There are between 1,000 and 3,000 of these trucks, according to varying estimates, hauling tens of millions of gallons per day through Bangalore.Our groundwater levels are approaching zero.”Every year since 2012, Bangalore has been hit by drought; last year Karnataka, of which Bangalore is the capital, received its lowest rainfall level in four decades.But the changing climate is not exclusively to blame for Bangalore’s water problems.Aloft Cessna Business Park has everything India’s next generation traveler seeks in best hotels in Bangalore.of Bangalore one morning last summer, a sullen young man named Manjunath stood high atop a cocoa-colored 1,850-gallon tanker truck, waiting for its belly to fill with water.By 2020 more than 2 million IT professionals are expected to live here.

Through the 2000s, Bangalore’s urban landscape expanded so quickly that the city had no time to extend its subcutaneous network of water pipes into the fastest-growing areas, like Whitefield.

Well owners drill deeper and deeper, chasing the water table downward as they all keep draining it further.

The groundwater level has sunk from a depth of 150 or 200 feet to 1,000 feet or more in many places.

Not only has the municipal water system been slow to branch out, it also leaks like cheesecloth.

In the established neighborhoods that enjoy the relative reliability of a municipal hookup, 44 percent of the city’s water supply either seeps out through aging pipes or gets siphoned away by thieves.

The source of the liquid was a bore well, a cylindrical metal shaft puncturing hundreds of feet down into the earth.