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Lithuania sex dating

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He would even cry when he tells me about his feelings.

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He's actually the most open, honest, friendly person.Overall I'd never change my lithuanian man for the world!i recently met a lithuanian man and he was reluctant to tell me even his name.more educated,more traveled ,more outgoing ..more chances guy is going to be loving etc....even saying that though they are different and it can be a cultural shock because in the end its different believes ,languages ,families etc :) but I would personally wouldn't date one I'm currently in a relationship with a lithuanian guy and he is lovely I'm english white/british and it does take a lot of time to understand there ways ..can be sexually aggressive but he's never hurt me , he is a people pleaser and likes to always keep people happy he loves his family and will put his family before anyone.But when I showed him that I don't take sh*t and im so different compared to other women(in his mind women are just materialistic and can hardly rely on by their men) he started going crazy in love with me.

He was outspoken, brutally honest, full of gutts, hot tempered, moody, talked bad words and a big flirt.

Not knowing my partner intimately makes it hard to give myself completely... Teenage guys can be really aggressive and disrespectful to women, more than a man.

A man can still be aggressive and disrespectful too.

I am half black and asian this is the first European man I've dated. He is a really successful business man so his guarded ways could also be a form of trying to ween out gold diggers. I dated a Lithuanian guy years ago and I could never really trust him.

He is very secretive, aggressive, distant at times and doesn't like when I ask too many questions . I just really will like to know from other people who are lithuanian or have had PERSONAL experiences with lithuanian about how they are. Him and his friends, and brother didn't seem to value women and relationships too much.

Although He's loving and caring, but I just have this feeling that he may have someone else too. He is secretive, doesn't like to answer questions (not even about how old he is), doesn't seem to like even hugs in public (though it was our first outing), and seems defensive. Thank you Vilnius for shedding some light on this from a Lithuanian male perspective. The standard in American relationships is being completely open and honest and forthcoming and communicative.