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"A colonel by the name of Harry Shoup picked up the phone and assured children who called in that Santa was safe and CONAD, at the time, would be tracking Santa on his progress through North America," she said.

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with his nose so bright, is leading the team. It's my great honour and privilege to do it this year," Leaton said this week.She is overseeing all the personnel at the base tracking Santa as part of the annual program on Sunday. Leaton said the "Santa Cams" will stream on the Norad Tracks Santa website. 24, visitors to the Norad Tracks Santa website were able to watch Santa get ready for his long journey, which involves delivering presents to good children around the world.CFB North Bay is home to one of the Norad command sites, which monitors the airspace above North America 365 days of the year. In this file photo, volunteers take phone calls from children asking where Santa is and when he will deliver presents to their house during the annual Norad Tracks Santa Operation.These private affairs start out with a few casual drinks and appetizers, but everyone knows what's really on the menu. Couples are often called upon to perform sex acts on each other while other guest watch as they enjoy their refreshments.It's all about fun sex, watching and being watched.After a hard weeks work, we all look forward to a relaxing weekend.

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Santa Claus rides in his sleigh as he prepares for Christmas.

Santa Trackers at 22 Wing CFB North Bay, a Canadian air force base about 350 km north of Toronto, say they have spotted the big guy in the red suit and his team of trusty reindeers in the sky.

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advertisement containing the phone number for children to call in to talk to Santa.