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Who is spiceboy dating

The storyline has had so many twists and turns it would be impossible to explain everything however during their long-running feud Billy has tried many things to try to please Gran Apache including being his friend, hiding under the Alfa mask to win his trust, beating up a stranger who tried to hit on Fabi (Brandon) and proving he was a better wrestler inside the ring.Unfortunately for Billy this led to two straight hair match losses to his father-in-law.

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Of her husband, who appears in racy new advertisement for Armani, Posh Spice says: "I respect everything that David does, and he respects and loves what I do.”Scroll down for more...The gimmick never really went anywhere and quietly disappeared although for a while it did earn Billy some main event matches.It was right after the Alfa gimmick ended that the long-running Billy Boy vs. Billy would bring signs to the ring declaring his love for Fabi Apache (the two had been dating and eventually married had a son in real life) and naturally her father would object to this.The second time he lost his hair was thanks to (unwilling) help from Fabi and this sent Billy into a tailspin.He became very sad and his Barrio Boy partners actually turned on him which eventually led to Billy being committed for psychiatric help.Mari Apache feud which eventually led to a hair match where the entire Apache family reunited with Billy watching.

This left Billy in limbo and his anger seemed to build inside.

He not only came out a much happier man but around the same time Alfa appeared on the scene again although it was not noted by anyone that Billy had played the role before.

Instead this Alfa claimed to be a rookie and begged Gran Apache to train him.

Billy has certainly come a long way from a green flyer wearing a tiny speedo doing a stripper gimmick to one of the most well-rounded wrestlers and best rudos in AAA.

Lots of this can be credited to Gran Apache taking him under his wing which had led to the natural comparison that Billy Boy is the new version of Gran Apache, especially now that he is a rudo.

This should have sparked a new chapter in the feud with Gran Apache however it was bad timing as Apache had just gotten hurt on a small show and was out of action for quite some time.