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Facebook, Google, MSN, Taiwan actress Zhu Hui-zhen, Twitter, wordpress, Zhu An-jie, Zhu An-jie (朱安婕), Zhu An-jie Commits Suicide, Zhu Hui-zhen, Zhu Hui-zhen (朱慧珍), Zhu Hui-zhen Daughter Commits Suicide According to Xinmsn, Taiwanese actress Zhu Hui-zhen’s daughter, Zhu An-Jie, is suspected to have committed suicide on Mothers’ Day, leaving behind a note that said, “I am silly…Please allow me to leave quietly.” The actress gave birth to An-jie while dating actor, Xing Feng.

There were Grand Slams in 1908, 19, Triple Crowns in 1900, 1902, 1905, 1908, 19and those victories over New Zealand in 1905 and Australia in 1908.A try, then worth one point, by 'Buller' Stadden at Crown Flat, Dewsbury, won the day and the legendary Arthur Gould's team were ready to take the game by storm.The first Triple Crown came in 1893 and was the launch pad for the first 'Golden Era', when Wales dominated the world game.There was, however, a first win at the new home of English rugby, Twickenham, in 1933 after 23 years of trying and a second win over the mighty 'All Blacks' in Cardiff in 1935, 13-12.It was an era when players like Jerry Shea, Ivor Jones, Jack Bassett and Wilf Wooller captured the imagination.The Maoris, the first touring team in the UK, had been beaten in 1888 and Dave Gallaher's otherwise all-conquering New Zealand 'All Blacks' were beaten 3-0 in 1905 thanks to a try by Teddy Morgan.

More than any other in the history of the game, that incredible match, the only fixture lost by the All Blacks, helped to turn rugby union into a game of global interest.

The 'Super Seventies' included Grand Slams in 1971, 19 and Triple Crowns in 1971, 1976, 1977, 19.

Had the game in Ireland in 1972 not been cancelled, that otherwise undefeated campaign could have ended with another Grand Slam.

Gould, Gwyn Nicholls, Jehoida Hodges, Willie Llewellyn, Percy Bush, Boxer Harding, Dickie Owen, Billy Trew and the Bancroft's, Billy and Jack, still rate among the greatest players ever produced by Wales.

The first 'Golden Era' included the first Grand Slam by any country and a record winning run of 11 games as Wales remained unbeaten between March 1907 to January 1910.

Thankfully, no points were awarded for goals or tries at that stage.