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Leland chapman dating

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I do not want any money from the family, just the fact in knowing that it is back where it belongs, all I would ask is that they pay for the shipping. on the very back page there a list of family birth dates and dates of death.

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Worden births: Floyd Leslie 1878, Mildren Ethel 1904, Leland 1906, Myrtes Catherine 1908. ALL listings entered in the Bible have exact dates!Twenty years ago, while in Natchitoches, Louisiana, My husband and I purchased a Holman's Edition Catholic Family Bible. This buble has been in my failys possession for 25 years, and I feel it should be returned to its rightful owner , whoever that maybe.It has the inscription from mother, dating back to 1883. I have access to a Warden/Chapman family Bible that the owner wants to give to a family member for postage.It lists a marriage of Luther Niles to Miss Chloe Gray on March 5, 1818.Some Niles births are listed from the late 1700's into the late 1800's.If you have an old Family Bible and would like to see it returned to it's family, let us know and we will post it here. The only thing we ask in return is to be allowed to place scanned images of the family records contained in the Bibles online for the benefit of all genealogists.

We want to see these Bibles get into the hands of the descendants of the families. We have already been instrumental in finding the families of several Family Bibles.... Sometime around 1990 (give or take a few years) a family Bible belonging to my Mother in Law was left in a house in Arlington Heights, IL, on W. After her death and then my sister in law's death, the house has changed owners a few times and is no longer there, but I find it hard to believe that a Bible would've been thrown in the trash so I'm hoping someone will turn it in.

Contained inside the Bible are family pictures and a marriage license, any assistance or suggestions you could give us in locating their family would be greatly appreciated. Believed to have belonged to a Ernest and Pearl Chapman from Bedford Ohio.

Listed below are some of the entries written in the Bible.

It was originally broadcast on ITV on 10 July 1983 as fourth in an untitled series of works by Leland (including Birth of a Nation), loosely based around the British educational system, which subsequently acquired the overall title of Tales Out of School.

As with many Alan Clarke works, the director attempts to depict English working-class life realistically, without moralising or complex plots.

Thank you, Ruth Shaw E-mail: ruth410s"at"To email Ruth, replace the "at" with @ in the above email address. The cover has the owner's name, Alexander Charles Mc Bride, and the inscription inside reads, " Presented to Alexander Charles Mc Bride by A. I hope to be able to return this bible to the family.