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I have sleep props galore — a bite splint to stop tooth grinding, lavender pillow spray and a world-beating stack of eye masks. So when I heard about a science-backed way to get better deep, restorative sleep — the element that seems to elude me — I had to try it. experts to improve the restorative phase of sleep called slow wave sleep, which accounts for 25 per cent of our shut-eye and makes us wake up feeling rested.Dr Stanley thinks pink noise could help me get the restorative sleep I’m seeking. I should be able to tell what difference it makes after three or four nights.To measure memory improvement, there’s a test where you cover 20 items on a tray with a tea towel and see how many you can remember in the space of a minute.This asks questions to rate how rested I feel in the morning.I’m to do this half an hour after waking from a normal night of sleep and again after using pink noise. After 45 minutes I’m awake and acutely aware of my phone — have I put it on silent? I switch it off and fall asleep, waking up at 4 am and dozing fitfully until 6.15. When I check in with Dr Stanley, he says it sounds as though I’ve had a case of the ‘first night effect’ — a phenomenon that many of us experience in hotel rooms, where we’re unfamiliar with the room, the bed, the noises, and can’t relax.‘We need it for memory, forgetting, learning and growth.

Everything that happens during the day, you keep in your memory, but during the night you sort out all that information.‘Your brain is forgetting things you can usefully forget and laying down important things into your long-term memory.‘If you practise a task until you are as good at it as you can be before bed, your brain rehearses overnight.

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There’s even a soft toy called Ewan The Dream Sheep which plays pink noise ‘to lull your baby to sleep’, and apparently works on older babies too (even 49-year-old ones, I hope). study, led by a professor of neurology on a group of over-60s, found that they performed three times better in a memory test after a night of pink noise than without and that the slow wave oscillations in their brain increased, meaning that their deep sleep was better quality.

First, I download a free app called Pink Noise and find that it sounds a bit like a tropical rain storm or a power shower. That’s potentially wonderful for all of us who worry that when we’re losing our keys we’re actually losing our marbles, as slow wave sleep is the phase that keeps us sharp and lays down strong memories.‘Deep sleep is the most important part of sleep,’ explains independent sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley, former director of sleep research at the University of Surrey.

The next morning I score 18 on the memory test — almost a full house!