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Properties afterproperties itemupdating

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The Show Field will have the “Name with Presence” selected.When we run a SPQuery search on the list using the following code we will be able to filter the list based on the fullname of the user.

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Unfortunately, this is only working for certain fields.(After the workflow instance completes another instance is started because of the item updated event triggered by the workflow approval. The reason for the difference in behavior is the way the workflow setup is done for the list and document library.We will come to the settings in the library shortly.When an item is approved, it is marked as Approved and is visible to all users.When an item is rejected, it is marked as Rejected, and is returned to the user who created it.The reason why it won’t happen in a document library is that the way the settings are done.

In a document library for the content approval minor and major version has to be enabled.

There are different ways you can add documents to a doc library or to list item as an attachment.

You could use object model, built-in web service, custom web service that uses object model, or HTTP PUT method.

The Content Approval feature permits you to create a list or a document library where items or files that are submitted by users are not visible to other site users until the items or the files are approved by a user (such as the site administrator) who belongs to a site group that has the Manage Lists right.

When you add a new item or when you modify an existing item in a list or a document library after you enable content approval for that list or document library, the item is marked as Pending.

Pending items are only visible to the user who created or modified the item and to users with the Manage Lists right.