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Single mom with kids and dating

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But because your kids depend on you, you can’t afford to push yourself past a certain point.You must take care of yourself and your health in order to be there for them.

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As a child of a divorce, I'd always sworn that I'd never put my kids through that -- yet as it turned out, living paycheck to paycheck and trying to do our own growing up while raising a family proved to be too great a strain on our marriage: It bent, cracked, and finally broke."You have an obligation to your kids to stay friendly -- or at least civil -- with your former spouse," says Neuman. So, I tried my hardest and used the greatest gift to divorced parents everywhere: e-mail.Hashing out sensitive topics this way allowed me to cool down before responding.Though I had always paid lip service to the "It takes a village" idea, it turned out that, while there might have been some "village" people out there, we had been too wrapped up in our own lives to get to know them. I was driving through a bad snowstorm with my little boys. I decided to check in every night with another single mom.Then I made a conscious effort to invite friends over for dinner, ask a neighbor to help me move my couch, and chat with the other moms at drop-off.Let’s face it: you’re doing alone what was designed to be a two-person job.

The fact that you often feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually worn out is not just your imagination.

Single parents probably read the title of this article and think, “Ha! ” And in fairness, we realize that the challenges of caring for kids alone are innumerable.

But there are some hardships unique to the individual, and others that are hard time and time again from our single-mom friends.

We were angry at each other, and, let's face it, looking for ways to hurt each other.

But no matter how right I felt I was, deep down in my heart I knew: Being in constant fight mode was horrible for my kids, and it was making me even more miserable.

Slowly, my sense that I had a contagious disease lifted, and I found myself expanding my definition of what makes a family.