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In November 2013, the Radio-Canada program Enquête broadcast an hour-long investigation of Sainte-Justine’s socio-legal clinic, where Sirard worked.

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He called it “one of the most violent and most upsetting cases” he had encountered.In others, they had plausible explanations for the injuries.Understandably, they were angry with a pediatrician who suspected they might be responsible for harming their child.You may not enter this site if you are a minor, or if you are not legally permitted to view adult material as a result of local, state, provincial, county, federal, or other law which may make this material illegal in your area.The adult material comes to you only on your request, we do not send it to you without your permission and express request, therefore you bare all legal responsibility for bringing into your location.Do not share access to this site or the materials on it with minors or others who may not access it legally!

Située au cœur de la Zone familiale, la Tribune familiale accueille gratuitement les enfant âgés de 15 ans et moins accompagnés d’un adulte et propose un prix réduit pour les adultes de 65 ans et plus.

It studied 13 contentious cases handled by the hospital’s pediatricians and concluded that in all of them, the physicians were justified in reporting the matter to child welfare.

There were “reasonable grounds to believe” the patient had been abused, and under Quebec law doctors are obliged to report to the youth protection director any case where they believe a child is in danger.

After learning in November that Sainte-Justine had suspended his privileges for a month, Sirard, 58, took his own life inside the hospital on Dec. As his funeral unfolds in Montreal on Monday, Sirard’s children, peers, family members and some of his patients say he was unfairly singled out. The three-month-old boy had been treated like a punching bag for much of his short life, but when he was admitted to Sainte-Justine in 2007, only his 19-year-old father knew that.

Tests revealed three skull fractures, four broken ribs and a brain injury, as well as bruises on his forearm.

Court records show that over the past 15 years, Sirard was a frequent expert witness, providing evidence in more than 60 reported child-welfare and criminal cases.