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That's why they especially can be noisy on a small duct system. ) 3 tight fitting ductwork( some sealing may be present) 4 large return duct ( retutn duct should be as large or larger thanthe supply duct) 5 a very large filter or several filters 6 does the job look straight and well done?With a standard motor, if the duct system is undersized and restrictive, you can set the motor to a higher speed tap to move more air (to a point) where the variable speed motor does it automatically. 7 did they use a flow hood and test for proper air flow in the home.(this includes return) 8 some firms use duct testers.

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--And could someone please clarify the difference between a single-stage and two-stage furnace? The AMV9 lines up with the XV90 The AMH95 lines up with the XL90 The AMS95 lines up with the XR90 The Amanas hit 95% to get the tax credit, nothing Trane has does. Like having a small furnace for most of the year when it isn't that cold and a big one for a few cold mornings or quick warmup. Thanks, Bladloonie.....exactly what I was looking for.

Variable speed blowers use a lot less energy, have a nice quiet constant fan speed, and have the electronics to maintain airflow better as duct conditions change such as closed registers or dirty filters. Couple of follow-up questions: -- One of the Trane reps said the XV90 would NOT fit my current the duct work I currently have. Am I correct in saying that the multi-speed blower will blow at a constant speed?

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michael Trane has a nice comparison feature for their products located on I commend to your attention.