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But Russian opposition leaders said Monday that there was no evidence that such a public execution had taken place in Slovyansk.

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Petersburg who said he planned to join the Rezerv Patriotic Club, a recruiting and training organization, to prepare dozens of young people for combat in Ukraine.“Most of the guys I know decided to join the fighting in Ukraine after the Odessa fire,” Surkov, a former history student at Moscow State University, told The Daily Beast.For the next eleven minutes, you are about to see through the eyes of a Ukrainian soldier as he fights for his life, his brothers, and his country. Known for its beaches, therapeutic resorts and 19th-century buildings, it is a popular destination among tourists, being one of the most visited cities in Ukraine.The calls came after the independent Moscow-based newspaper Novaya Gazeta dispatched a reporter, Yevgeny Feldman, to Slovyansk last weekend to search for more witnesses of the alleged execution.“Nobody I spoke with in Slovyansk has heard a thing about this,” he tweeted."Now, when I live abroad, I recommend to all my foreign friends to visit western part of my home country Ukraine.

Why the western one - it is because I used to live there, so I am more familiar with that part of the country and I can tell lots of stories about the culture, lifestyle and traditions of Ukrainian West," Maria says of Ukraine, I would like to help you with some basic Ukrainian words that people normally use for communication in western Ukraine.

Throughout the entire fight, an NCO is making it known that he is in full command of the situation. For the duration, we can hear him repeatedly giving orders to his troops, and controlling their fires as they defend their position.

This is what a firefight should look like, and it looks this way because an actual group of soldiers is conducting battle.

Both Nemtsov and Navalny have appeared on lists of “Fifth Columnists,” or traitors, for their opposition views.

On Monday, activists from the art collective Glavplakat bicycled along anti-Putin marchers’ favorite protest routes wearing masks depicting the faces of opposition leaders and T-shirts with gay pride rainbows across their chests.

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